i3HUDDLE 2.0: empower your meetings

It takes the form of an interactive display which connects professionals worldwide in a secure, digital environment and boosts collaboration. Its intuitive interface allows every meeting to start instantly. During the past year, i3-Technologies has been updating its total solution and today it proudly presents a brand new version.

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Customized software

The new software is equipped with more customization options which give access to new and inspiring dynamic wallpapers, an i3Store with different app and options to choose from. The integrated annotation software, i3NOTES, provides the necessary writing tools to make notes and draw ideas
on apps with digital ink. You can mail your notes as pdf or download them immediately as pdf on your mobile device by scanning the unique QR code.

A unique wireless touch solution, known as i3SYNC Touch, is also part of the new display. The tool allows you to instantly share and interact with the screen of your mobile device on the big screen. One push on the button and your meeting is ready to go.
Lastly, the display integrates a meeting room planner which is synced with your Outlook planner, so you have quick access to your meeting schedule. Always be prepared and never lose sight of any upcoming meetings.

Digital security

i3-Technologies concerns about your digital security. We are barely in control of what is happening with our personal data in the digital world. i3HUDDLE creates a secure environment for your data and allows you to remove all your personal data at once by clicking on the “Exit” button. This prevents your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.

Refined design

The refined design is definitely an eye catcher. Don’t worry, the home button is still on the new display and makes it very easy to navigate on the screen. What is new, however, is the integrated sound bar under the home button which features easy volume control and excellent sound quality.
The screen is equipped with the advanced Capacitive Sense technology. It incorporates capacitive sensing, making it highly responsive, as it does not rely on pressure. A capacitive touchscreen uses the electrical properties of the human body. Our body is conducive, meaning electricity can pass through it. So when you touch a capacitive screen with the tip of your finger, you cause a change in the screen’s electrical field. Even the slightest touch of your finger will be detected. 

For more information about i3HUDDLE, please visit www.i3-meeting.com


i3-Group is a family business from Diest, Belgium, which is active in 50 countries. Roughly half of its 300 employees is working in Flanders. i3-Group consists of two pillars; i3-Technologies (interactive technology products, both hardware and software) and i3-Solutions (furniture & classic boards). i3 stands for interactivity, integration and inspiration in learning and meeting environments. In Belgium, the name VANERUM is most known: it is the Belgian i3-Solutions branch with focus on furniture and classic boards. Turnover in 2015: 60 million euros.


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