Adapting meetings to globalization

Traditional meetings fail to involve all participants, which limits their potential and therefore their effectiveness. i3-Technologies considers it its mission to adapt traditional meetings to the globalizing society.

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Digital workflow

Its strategy consists of promoting virtual communication and creating digital workflows. The company understands like no other the impact of the internet on our professional lives. In times of traffic congestions and foreign branches, real- time communication offers significant benefits in terms of time saving. Therefore, i3-Technologies ensures instant communication and information sharing form the basis of its hardware and software product development.

Powerful simplicity

Simplicity also plays a key role in product development to allow the user to focus all his attention on his job. Full integration of hardware and software, an intuitive interface and wireless connection are important factors that contribute to simplicity and ease of use.

Shape your meetings

During the past year, i3-Technologies has paid special attention to its hardware products to offer the end user even more ease of use and flexibility.
The company updated its total meeting solution, known as i3HUDDLE. The new version is equipped with more customization options, dynamic wallpapers, an i3Store with apps collection offering flexibility to customize on demand, and remote update capability.

Connect to a meeting room planner, synced with your Outlook planner, to have quick access to your meeting schedule. The new version is also equipped with an unique wireless touch solution, known as i3SYNC Touch. It allows participants to instantly share and interact with the screen of their mobile device on the big screen. One push on the button and the meeting is ready to go.

Digitalized notes

Converting analog notes into digital files has been a matter of frustration in meeting situations for way too long. Classic whiteboard and flipcharts require you to copy the text by typing it over or taking photos. In order to share them with other participants you have to mail them or save them on USB one by one. A real hassle. i3SNAP bridges the gap between analog notetaking an digital sharing by digitizing analog notes, so they can be easily shared with other participants, both inside and outside the meeting room. All it takes is an i3SNAP whiteboard, markers and the corresponding mobile app. Easy as can be! For more information about i3 products, please visit


i3-Group is a family business from Diest, Belgium, which is active in 50 countries. Roughly half of its 300 employees is working in Flanders. i3-Group consists of two pillars; i3-Technologies (interactive technology products, both hardware and software) and i3-Solutions (furniture & classic boards). i3 stands for interactivity, integration and inspiration in learning and meeting environments. In Belgium, the name VANERUM is most known: it is the Belgian i3-Solutions branch with focus on furniture and classic boards. Turnover in 2015: 60 million euros.


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