i3HAWM Electronic

Discover our electronic height-adjustable wall mount

i3 corporate solutions offer a range of high-quality accessories to combine with large touchscreen displays and interactive whiteboard systems. In our challenge to offer you the most comfortable and intuitive solution to ensure everyone in the room can watch the screen, we have developed the electronic i3HAWM wall mount. It allows you to adjust the height of your screen vertically with the push of a button. It is easy to install and compatible with any interactive whiteboard system or touchscreen display. The fully integrated electronic system provides stability for the projector.

Simplistic and intuitive design

With a height adjustment range up to 65 cm, users of all heights and abilities can control the board comfortably and ergonomically. They can adjust the height of the i3HAWM simply with the touch of a button. The board and the projector move simultaneously in order to maintain touch calibration and picture clarity. The simplistic and intuitive design makes the i3HAWM a perfect solution for people with special needs. Wheelchairs fit comfortably underneath the board to increase forward reach. Moreover, the wide height adjustment range allows users to lower the board to only a few inches off the ground to increase lateral reach.