i3TOUCH Premium

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Be in full control of your presentation environment

Whether at home or in business environments, we are using touchscreens as a powerful communication aid. The i3TOUCH with C-Sense Technology helps create an information-sharing environment that ties in with this development. It provides an answer to everyone looking for new and innovative methods for enhancing communication processes and visualising data.

10 touch


The i3TOUCH Premium is equipped with Capacitve Sense technology. A capacitive touchscreen uses the electrical properties of the human body. The human body is conductive, meaning electricity can pass through it.

When you touch a capacitive screen with the tip of your finger, you cause a change in the screen's electrical field. Even the slightest touch of your finger will be measured.

A capacitve screen does not rely on pressure, making it more responsive than a traditional resistive screen with unequalled user experiences as a result.

Premium touch screen


The i3TOUCH Premium series have an improved design and sound system. All i3TOUCH Premium displays are equipped with an OPS slot to plug in universal OPS PCs and have integrated speakers for improved sound quality.

Clear images


The i3TOUCH Premium comes with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) to provide crystal clear images.



Combine the i3TOUCH with an i3FLOORSTAND to ensure flexibility and mobility in the meeting room. The mobile stand allows you to move the i3TOUCH around with ease. With the push of a button, you can quickly adjust the height of the stand.



The i3TOUCH Premium includes a fully operational Android PC, linked to the touch functionalities of the touchscreen, eliminating the need to use a remote control or push button to configure the display settings. In addition, you gain access to various desktop applications, such as websites, videos and images, which make a separate computer unnecessary.


i3TOUCH extended warranty

i3BOARD warranty

Register your i3TOUCH for an extended warranty:

*only for education

*mandatory to register within one month after purchase

i3TOUCH Registration